Panayotis Terzakis has developed a personal methodology of holistic training and development of vocal and communication skills, combining exercises from many different techniques. He is a vocalist and performer and works as a Voice Coach, Teacher and Consultant since 2005. As a singer and voice professional he has the ability to acknowledge all issues and problems that deal with singing and public speaking. He has worked with hundreds of professionals and amateurs in all fields dealing with voice, singing and puplic speaking.

• Singing lessons – Orthophony & Speech Education

• Continued Professional Development for Professional Singers and Actors

• Voice Coaching & Consulting

• Preparation of Business and Educational Presentations & Lectures

• Training and Mentoring of Singing and Acting Teachers

• Voice Coaching of Theatrical Groups

• Supervision and Consulting of Song Recordings and Live Concerts

• Preparation of Candidates for Drama Schools in Greece and abroad

• Special Coaching of Announcers-Broadcasters

• Consulting on the use of voice in Drama Therapy-Psychodrama

• Proper Use of Voice in various physical activities (Yoga, Gymnastics, etc.)

• Post-Operative Reintegration of Professionals – Vocal Rehabilitation in collaboration with speech therapists

• All-in-One Session for Last Minute Preparation of Lectures-Speeches-Presentations

• Interpretive Reading

Singers | Actors | Musicians | Educators | Priests & Chanters | Singers | Journalists | Lawyers |

Business Εxecutives | Sellers | Radio Producers | Presenters (TV, Radio, Internet) | Announcers | Telephone Οperators | Doctors | Psychologists | Healers | Yoga teachers | Martial Arts Masters | Fitness  Instructors